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Cannon Poets
Sonnet or Not 2021
Poetry Competition

Cannon Poets popular Sonnet or Not 2020 Poetry Competition is now open. Poems must be 14 lines, no more, no less.

First Prize: £500
Second Prize: £250
Third Prize: £150
Up to 10 Commended Prizes: £10

Closing Date:
Midnight, 31st October 2021

Special Offer
ubmit at least one poem with the correct fee to become eligible for  one year subscription to The Cannon’s Mouth [in which winning entries and the judge's report will be published] discounted from the usual £15.00 to £13.00 [UK] or from £25 to £23 [outside UK].

An entry will consist of one 14 line poem typed on a sheet of A4 paper [please use at least 12 point typeface]. Please ensure that each entry has its own title. There is no limit to the number of entries providing the fees are paid. Use several entry forms if necessary. The entry fee is £5.00 for the first poem and £3.00 for each additional poem submitted.

Entry forms are available here [pdf format]

Alternatively, you can now enter on line. See details below.

Sole Judge: Jacqui Rowe 

Jacqui Rowe is a poet, mentor, workshop leader, publisher (co-editor of Flarestack Poets), tutor for the Poetry School and poetry editor of The Writers' Workshop. In 2013 she was appointed writer in residence at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham. Her poems have appeared widely in magazines and her pamphlets are 'Blue', 'Apollinaire' and 'Paint'.

How to Enter
There are two ways to enter:
1. either enter by post: complete the entry form and attach each of your poems on separate A4 sheets. Please only put the title of the poem and the poem itself on the sheets but do not put your name. Post the completed entry form, your poems and a cheque for the full amount due in £ sterling to the address indicated.


2. enter on line: click here and follow the instructions.

The results of the Sonnnet or Not 2020 competition are as follows

The results have now been announced as follows:

1st  Prize    For Seamus Heaney    Theresa Sowerby

2nd Prize    Cocktail Bag   Freda Churches

3rd Prize    Fishbones    Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana

Highly Commended:

When's The Next Train Out of Here?   Ian Royce Chamberlain

Lake Motosuko  Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana*

Michael Roland Richard (1963-2001)  Angus Douglas 

Carried   Robert Hamberger

It's just good manners to wait for the coffee   Tim Kiely

Sketch of a Sleigh Accident on the Ice, circa 1620   Sue Norton

Lottie and Arthur   Elizabeth Parkes

Belsen Concentration Camp 1945   Elizabeth Parkes*

raver   Amaury Wonderling

* All poems were judged anonymously these poems were selected by our judge. Under the rules only one prize may be awarded to each person.